[textbox text_under_align=”center” text_content=”The below information are for customers who checkout as a guest, it is better and easier to track your order/ Change your address/ Get coupons by creating an account when you checkout for the first time. Check the “Create an account“ case on the checkout page to create one! If you already made an account, just go to “Orders“ tab and you will find a tracking ID under each product.” content_align=”center” content_fontsize=”22″]
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It is much better to create an account on the checkout page to track your order

[custom_title title=”A New tracking method” title_color=”#1e73be” title_fontsize=”32″][textbox text_under_align=”center” text_content=”We changed our tracking methods into more accurate ones, after you place your order it will be processed by our team and marked as complete (you will receive an email once it is). When your order is shipped, you will receive a second email like the one below. Under each product, a tracking code will be placed that you can either click on it to track your order on our shipping provider website or simply use it on your local shipping company website (e.g USPS).” content_align=”center” content_fontsize=”22″]
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The tracking code is pointed by a blue arrow.
[custom_title title=”Didn’t receive your tracking code? No problem” title_color=”#1e73be” title_fontsize=”32″][textbox text_under_align=”center” text_content=”It may take a while to receive your tracking email, but if it takes a bit much time we will help you and re-send it to you manually. Here are some reasons why this may happen:
-You entered a wrong email (It happens sometimes, in that case, you wouldn’t receive any of our emails).
-The tracking codes were not captured by our system.
-We cannot provide a tracking code for your country (Very rare).
In any case, you just have to contact us by clicking on the messenger icon on the right-bottom of the page.” content_align=”center” content_fontsize=”22″]